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...So much more than an Antique Store!

Vision for the Mall


Seventeen years ago, when we opened Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Mall, our concept to create many stores within a store was just an abstract ambition.  Our persistence paid off and now we have over 70 vendors and use about 17,000 square feet on the main floor and a mezzanine! 


Vendors have their own booth space, all within a larger store that handles all of the sales, bookkeeping, etc., leaving each vendor free to enjoy the fun part of maintaining their space: shopping and decorating!


Our eclectic blend of Antiques, Vintage, Home Décor, Art, Primitives, and Fashion has been a success.  There truly is something for everyone to enjoy and you can always find timeless gifts at Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Mall.

Mall Owner

Carol Price, the owner of Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Mall on the Historic Square in Shelbyville, Tennessee, is experienced in starting things.  Thirty-six years ago she obtained a grant through the Tennessee Arts Commission to become an artist-in-residence at Webb School in Bell Buckle. She began Webb’s art program in the basement of a local church with just two students!  

While teaching art at Webb, she planned a crafts festival to provide an activity for alumni weekend.  Who would have thought it would grow to an annual event?  The Webb School Art and Craft Festival now involves the whole community and attracts thousands of visitors to Bell Buckle each year.  Also, while living in Bell Buckle during these formative years, Carol and two of her close friends, Judy Williams and Anne White-Scruggs, opened art and craft shops side by side on Railroad Square.  The rest is history…an art community was born.

Carol went on to found the Bedford County Arts Council.  She and her husband, Larry, came on back to their hometown of Shelbyville, TN and were highly active in obtaining the vacant historical Fly Manufacturing Building for the Arts Council.  No one could have guessed that the place where Army uniforms and work clothes were made would today be seen as a central location for plays, classes, concerts, a history museum, an art gallery, and a functioning gathering place for those interested in the many art forms.

Carol’s most recent projects have involved local artists in Tennessee.  Each year, the Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Mall has been very fortunate to add more and more artisan “shops” to their eclectic store.  These artisans are playing an instrumental role in The Classroom, a space for learning old trades, which is set up in the Design Center at the mall.  We are very proud of our dealers here at Antiques, Arts & Collectibles Mall, especially our artisans.  They continue to provide a peek into the past with their unique, handmade creations using age-old techniques. 

Carol encourages these artisans to work in their booth spaces often, so all generations can experience art in progress.  You never know what she will start next!  So come on by Shelbyville’s Historic Square Shopping District and grab a taste of true Southern lifestyle.